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An Online Platform That Will Allow GAMERS To Play Against Each Other In Skill-Based Games While Wagering On The Outcome


Interactive Multiplayer AceD Blackjack with Wagering and Live Chat.

Air Hockey

AceD Air Hockey: Test your Air Hockey skills against your opponent. First one to 7 wins (must win by 2)! Go!



AceD is a cryptocurrency that is creating a powerful infrastructure for decentralized applications.

AceD bases it's fundamentals in providing an alternative to existing centralized systems through the blockchain. Unlike most cryptocurrencies that just provide anonymity, AceD plans on developing a privacy-oriented platform where the possibilities are endless. Not to mention these implementations can be voted on through proposals with their governance model forked from Dash and Polis allowing any team members to be constantly self-funded.
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Frequently Asked Questions
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What is AceD?
AceD is a new decentralized cryptocurrency designed to achieve the goal of being a truly anonymous exchange platform. AceD’s community-centric values will help to secure widespread adoption.
What makes AceD different?
A large and tightly-knit team implement evolutionary changes to the network's infrastructure based upon the community's governance proposals. These proposals may include a change to fund allocation, marketing strategy, or to create a charitable event.
Why should I choose AceD over a different privacy-focused currency?
The AceD team has received resounding interest from a large international financial corporation. This prepaid card is available in 46 countries worldwide and will help make anonymous and safe cryptocurrency available to a massive audience through a proposed direct exchange with AceD. This will pave the way for AceD to work with millions of merchants. The implementation of masternodes ensures all transactions are quick and completely private.
Where can I get more information about AceD?
We have a rapidly growing community in our Discord channel where team members and our community are always accessible. To keep up with AceD news, follow @AcedCoin. Or you can check out our official Website.