General Questions
  • What is AceD?

    AceD is a new decentralized cryptocurrency designed to achieve the goal of being a truly anonymous exchange platform. AceD’s community-centric values will help to secure widespread adoption.

  • Navigate to https://acedbj.tk/manager/. Under “New User Registration” input your Username, Password and Confirm Password. Click on Sign up. Your account will be created.

    Once you are logged in, you will want to Enable 2 Factor Authentication. You will also want to click “Show Support Key.” Copy this ley and save it in a secure location. You will need this key if you ever request support from AceD.

    Go down to “Your Addresses” and click “get a new address.” A new AceD address will be created for you. This is where you send AceD to for you to enjoy playing.

  • The AceD team has received resounding interest from a large international financial corporation. This prepaid card is available in 46 countries worldwide and will help make anonymous and safe cryptocurrency available to a massive audience through a proposed direct exchange with AceD. This will pave the way for AceD to work with millions of merchants. The implementation of masternodes ensures all transactions are quick and completely private.

  • We have a rapidly growing community in our Discord channel where team members and our community are always accessible. To keep up with AceD news, follow @AcedCoin. Or you can check out our official Website.

  • Yes! AceD (ACED) is categorized as proof-of-work & masternode. The mining algorithm is x16s. Target block time is 120 seconds with a 3.6 AceD reward for miners (14.6 AceD reward/masternode). There is a 4.4% premine used to fund the presale. Max supply will be 25,000,000 AceD.

  • Simply put, a masternode is a wallet with 2500 AceD locked in as collateral. The wallets are usually run on cloud-based servers to ensure that they have minimal downtime. The masternode assists with keeping the network secure, fast, and anonymous.

  • Just as miners are rewarded, so are masternode owners. With each block, masternode owners receive a share of the 14.6 AceD rewards (miners receive 3.6 AceD).

  • The first step is to obtain 2500 AceD by mining or through an exchange platform. There will be guides posted with instructions on the technical aspect of masternode setup and maintenance. There are always team and community members ready to help in our Discord as well. There are always team and community members ready to help in our Discord as well.

  • The AceD team’s priority is to allow the community to decide the direction of the project. As a community driven coin, you are our most valuable resource. By giving our community a voice and having a team capable of fulfilling that vision, AceD will become a key player in the cryptocurrency world.

  • The AceD team has a very solid roadmap with a focus on expanding merchant and community support. The first order of business is get AceD listed on exchange sites such as Crypto-Bridge to encourage trade and allow interested users to fund their Masternodes. An aggressive marketing campaign will include events and meetups to introduce more potential investors. AceD Masternode Dashboard will give users detailed and personalized statistics on their Masternodes.

    Marketing will be ramped up to include sponsored events. Our demographic will be further broadened with the introduction of AceD Gaming which will allow P2P micro-wagering. Escrow service will further facilitate safe trading.

    To make these changes happen, AceD will continue to expand its team throughout the whole process.

  • Yes! Our team is always looking for new talent. If you have a passion for innovation and are interested in joining the AceD team, please send an email to info@acedcoin.com and let us know why you are the best candidate for the position.

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